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Student Counseling Services

Your mental wellness is our priority. These services will help you deal with and address any Tension, Anxiety, Academic Stress, Family issues, Loneliness, Frustration, Low Self-Esteem, lack of concentration, Sleeplessness or  Suicidal thoughts, and more.

We have a team of competent and qualified counselors who will cater to your specific needs. This facility is completely free and dedicated to the mental well-being of the students. We are requesting you to make use of it whenever you need it without any hesitation whatsoever.


Partnering Your Well-being

Meet Our Specialist Team

All SRMIST counselors are registered psychologists with years of hands-on experience. They are all specialists in the psychological issues students face and will be readily available on campus.

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It started off with a casual talk and allowed me to connect with Sir, he took me to the thought that even I thought I didn’t have. I started behaving responsibly after attending 2 Counseling sessions.

All that I can say is I introspected in such a way I never did before..Yes, mistakes keep happening knowingly and unknowingly. Thank you for giving me the push I needed, so that I could fix the wrong I was doing.

Provided different perspective to scenario aided, in better understanding of self. Provided detailed analysis of self, encouraged to ask questions that invokes introspection.

I came to sir with problems I was facing in my personal life regarding my friend circle which suddenly turned against me for no reason and I have trouble in eating, sleeping. But now i know what to do and show what I am really capable of.

Visiting your cabin and having a session with you requires a certain will power. The moment I walk in I am glad I did. You make a person feel comfortable and listen to them whole heartedly. Helped me to solve small and Big Problems


The Counseling Facility helps the Counselee ( the student seeking Counseling) to deal with stress, resolve conflicts, helps him/ her to productively engage in various activities and to modify, change thoughts and behavior.

There is no consultation Fees. It’s a free service to all the students of SRMIST 

Yes. The student can book appointment in the SRMIST student counseling website ( the procedure for this needs to be added)

Basically, the sessions last from 1 to  5 sessions based on the problem of the person seeking Counseling,. Typically  a session would take, 45 minutes to 1 hour.

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