About Counseling

The Meaning of Counseling

Counseling is an active process by which students who may have personal problems that affect their Academics and Personal Life, can get learned guidance to find answers. The problems may be related to their emotions and feelings.

Counseling will give them a different perspective and understanding. This will enable the person seeking counseling (Counselee) to focus more on answers and ways to come out of their sufferings rather than being stuck with them.

Counseling is never judgmental or friendly advice. It gives a different point of view with a different set of reasoning which will come out of sincere and frank discussion about the problems.

There is a qualitative difference between the well-meaning advice of friends and relatives and Professional Counseling.  However close the friend or relative maybe, their own opinion of the person seeking guidance will decide the tone, tenor and directions of the advice and it cannot be avoided. A professional counselor on the other hand has no such prejudicial element while offering Counseling.


To start with, the counselor will not try and force the person seeking guidance to accept their own ideas and value systems.  The role of the counselor is mainly to enable the counselee to explore different perspectives of their life and feelings.

The counselor does not pass judgments or advice. They will just help the counselee to make their own decisions based on their ideas and values systems.

The counselor will encourage the counselee to explore certain parts of their lives which were impossible for them to do before. This will definitely help the counselee to understand his/her behavior/thought process in a different and better manner so that they may want to change themselves.


  • Create positive changes in their attitude and behavior
  • Ease  the tension from the  mind and help to focus on daily activities with vigor
  • Connect more with family, friends and society
  • Feel less stress at home and work
  • Improve the physical, mental and emotional health

Do not hesitate to get Counseling help if you feel that you are affected by issues that may affect your academics or personal issues that affect your life in any way.


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