The School of Public Health (SPH)

The School of Public Health aims to equip students to be leaders for equitable, sustainable and holistic health. SPH not only focuses on a well-rounded experience in learning but also the application of concepts and theory.

The ‘University Wellness Program’ was launched by SPH as an experiential learning platform for students and faculty. Over the last 3 semesters, SPH students have been conducting research to understand the wellness status of students and explore the major issues encountered on campus.  SPH is also actively involved in finding action oriented ways to better campus wellness. One such activity we have carried out is health awareness campaigns. We used these campaigns to educate and create awareness among SRM students and community members about various public health issues.

Mental Health plays a significant role in the life of a student. Mental health goes hand in hand with having a healthy lifestyle.  A healthy lifestyle in turn has a direct affect in the way students are able to deal with many aspects of their life, including their academics. Mental wellness will help students cope with stresses, life pressures, and any frustrations they may be facing. It is important for students to develop skills that can help them overcome these mental health issues. These skills can be several different things like, physical exercise, meditation, yoga, listening to music or setting goals. It is important to consult a professional who can help you understand what may be going on and finding ways to cope with that.

We are different from Wellness Centre.  The Wellness centre focuses on direct patient care. They work as one- on – one with patients to help them work on their physical wellness.

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