The Counseling Facility helps the Counselee ( the student seeking Counseling) to deal with stress, resolve conflicts, helps him/ her to productively engage in various activities and to modify, change thoughts and behavior.

There is no consultation Fees. It’s a free service to all the students of SRMIST 

Yes. The student can book appointment in the SRMIST student counseling website ( the procedure for this needs to be added)

 NO the details about you will not be revealed to anyone who may be parents, caretaker, your faculties or colleagues until and unless it really helps you to deal with the problem for which you have come for Counseling.  Any information given to others will be with your express consent, specifying what will be told to whom

 When a person has self-harming thoughts or behavior that may include suicidal thoughts, or has tendency or thoughts to harm others, loses emotional control, has difficulty to do routine works, any significant changes in behavior may need immediate Counseling help.

Basically, the sessions last from 1 to  5 sessions based on the problem of the person seeking Counseling,. Typically  a session would take, 45 minutes to 1 hour.

The student has freedom to choose the therapist on their own and change whenever they    wish to do.

 Yes. Student can withdraw at any time of the counseling stages. But it helps mutually, if you say the reason. 

 Experienced and qualified Psychiatrists/ Psychologists /Clinical Psychologists/ in Department of Psychiatry, Department of Student Affairs, and Department of Clinical psychology will provide counseling to the students.

 Yes, you may. However, your friend will have to attend to the sessions.

 The  School of Public Health (SPH) aims to create public health leaders through interdisciplinary education and research. SPH conduct Health Awareness Campaigns to educate and create awareness among SRM students and community members about various public health issues.

 The University Wellness Program (UWP) launched by SPH aims to achieve wellness of all students on campus. We look at factors that affect students’ wellbeing and ways to address them.

 The university wellness program is a pilot program being executed by SPH that focuses on applying concepts to create more awareness on various public health issues and topics. The Wellness center works one on one with patients to help them work on their physical wellness.

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