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Starting with Forgetfulness, Unable to Understand, Not liking Particular Subject, Not Liking the Faculty, Can’t Concentrate, Memory Problems, Not Interested in Studies, Not liking the Ambiance, Absenteeism, Too Many Arrears, Fear about Maths, Communication Problem, Language Problems.


What is Forgetfulness?

Not able to remember something which we have already heard, studied or done (example: lab tests and results). When we try to recall the same later for any purpose, we are not able to do so. We call it as forgetfulness. Why it is happening?

Our memory is closely connected with our ability to understand. It also has emotional connect. It works like this: We study something – we are able to understand fully – we are happy or satisfied that we are able to understand it – So we retain it.

Suppose things happen like this: We study hard – Could not understand fully – We are not fully satisfied or happy about it – We are not happy or content – So we do not retain it.

So if we forget about something in our academics, we don’t have to blame our memory power. It is there intact. But it cannot hold on to something which is not clear or muddle. In other words, it does retain the same way we have understood. That is..hazy, not in a clear manner and in a state of confusion.

So please ask yourself an important question when you feel stuck up due to so called forgetfulness. Did I really understand the thing which I am trying to remember?

For further assistance to deal with problems like this, please free to contact the Counselor

Can’t Concentrate

If we want to concentrate on anything few things are needed.

1) You should be interested in the subject that is being taught

2) There should be a need to do so 3) You should like that need

4) You should be able to understand

5) It should be challenging enough.

6) Your mind should not be engaged in more interesting or mind is distracted with other thoughts.

Try and find what is disturbing you and why. Apart from this, decide what is more important and prioritize things. When you are in some situation, there is absolutely no use in thinking about another situation or things or persons. You will not only be wasting time and energy in the present but also in the future, when you try to recollect about what has happened now.
For further assistance to deal with problems like this, please free to contact the Counselor

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