The Art of Dealing with Anger

Anger is really a normal emotion like any other emotion and we experience it many a times for many reasons. But if we are affectewd by our own anger, it is time for introspection and efforts to manage it effectively should be taken.  You know it has a pattern and starts with a trigger, if we are not able to identify it, next comes escalation. This leads to problem or crises and after we affected by it, we withdraw which is followed by remorse, frustration and depression in some cases.

There are many reasons to get angry starting with perception of threat of being attacked or undermined. If we think or perceive that we cannot stop things from happening, frustration and fear, irritation for being powerless to stop it. How do we feel physically if the anger gets better of us? Increased heart rate, feeling fever like hot all over, sweating, tightening of chest and stomach muscles, grinding teeth, intense desire to hit out or shout and so on..

Ok, what to do? To start with, practice to know the signs instinctively that you are going to ride high wave anger. Like changes in the body, emotions and intense desire to act without thinking about t he possible outcomes. When you feel like it, train yourself to pause before acting it out by distracting yourself deliberately. You try and walk away from that situation, and go to some place which does not remind you things you want to forget.

Usually anger people jump into conclusion without actually knowing fully well about the situations. So try and listen again about the situation and let it analyzed by your mind.

You may also ask yourself, am I getting angry so as not to accept the fact or fear of defeat makes me angry?

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