Complexes. Growing as a person

Though there are as many as 10+ complexes as divided by Psychologists, the most common complex that is affecting many people is Inferiority complex. A complex is nothing but an idea perceived as the core of the self and the actions and activities reflect that core thinking.

Inferiority is also one such perceived emotional content placed deep inside and gets reflected by the actions of that person. It makes a person to think and believe that he / she is not as worthy or as capable as others. Whatever the amount of success they may achieve, that is not enough for them.

They always have somebody better to compare with. They may not be able to anything fully or feel content about anything. There is always a feeling of inadequacy and openly or secretly compare themselves with others. Usually with somebody who have achieved more. They don’t usually take care of themselves as they should and don’t take compliments with grace. There is always self doubt lurking behind all their actions and ready to drop everything at any time if somebody find fault with what they are doing.

What to do? First, try to understand that you have inferiority complex and really want to come out of it. How to do it? Start treating yourself in a better way in all aspects starting with your appearance. Do things that you really love and not for getting approvasl or name from others. Don’t bother about others’ openian of you, as the meaning suggests, ‘it is their openion about you and need not be the fact. You may choose to ignore and not respect it.

Be with people who love you and value yourself and do not doubt their intentions. Try and know which persons are trying to make you feel small and put you down. Avoid those people and you may even say that you didn’t like their way od treating you and do not believe their protestations on the contrary.

Don’t be too tough on yourself and blame self for anything that goes wrong. Start liking for what you are. Try to do better yourself and do not have somebody as a goal to become like him or her.

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