Low self esteem …Is This Your Problem?

It simply means you don’t respect yourself enough for whatever reason. How to identify whether you are suffering from this belittling emotion? There are signs which you may have noticed but did not connect with low self-esteem. Just a few points for you to know. You keep on comparing with others instinctively and that too in things where you already have a feel of inadequacy. You are not proud of your achievements and always looking to do better. Doing lots of Negative self talk like, ‘it’s not good enough, I am not up to it, I am not as good as him/her in this, etc., Always playing down your achievement and don’t take compliments without a rider like, ‘thanks but.., I am not alone in this, But then I got a chance…and so on.. Always ready to help others but gripped with uncertainty while asking for help. Don’t dare to try anything new for fear of failure. Feeling Lonely and unloved. Have difficulty in not only making friends but also maintaining it.

What to do?

Every time you are about to help others, ask yourself few questions. ‘Do I really want to help or am helping to get approval from the other person? Or trying to create good impression? Am I creating a need in the other person, a need for me?

Worrying about others’ opinion: Why I am so much concerned about the other person’s opinion about my looks, behavior and actions?  In other words, why I am respecting his/her words and reactions more than my own opinion and reactions?

Keep yourself healthy because there is very strong mind – body connection and it can have real time impact on your self esteem and emotions in general.

For further guidance you may contact the Counselor.  

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