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This includes social media like what app, Face book, Twitter, Instagram, You tube videos and video games. 

Each and every component mentioned here has the potential to effectively destroy the person attached to it. It is not just an ordinary attachment but has all the qualities of addiction. Astudy says that, indulging in social media triggers a substance called ‘dopamine’ in brain which also react in the same way to actual addiction substance taken orally or injected. So like in any addiction it is very easy to start and seldom as easy to come out of it.

Why there is so much attachment?

We do many things through our social networking. On line relationships, Getting information about what is happening around us, Indulging in gaming which gets us in its control. It is easy and do not need much of our ability, effort or intelligence to do anything in on line.

What it does to you?

It affects your studies, job, health and our pattern of thinking gets changed. We don’t think and find things, instead we just log in and this dulls the brain. Actual learning by experience, real time relationship by being together may not be possible. This will have long lasting impact on our relationships. It create irritation and anger when you are not in a position to use the social media. These are basic signs of actual addiction by substance.

What to do?

The subject is really big, few tips to handle the attachment.

First you should realize that you are getting addicted by it and accept the responsibility of coming out of it. Turn off all social media apps while working or doing some academic related work. Keep it in a dis tance, wher you have get up and walk quite a distance to get it. Do not use your mobile for anything, when you enjoy film, sports or any other programme in Television.

Do not use you mobile foe setting alarm in the morning and use an Alarm Clock instead. Switch off your phone when you gp to sleep at night.

Create a time slot for social media browsing every day and stick with the plan. To make it happen, use the timer in the phone or use Alarm Clock.

Set ‘no phone hour’ each day and switch it off while you are at it.

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