Personal growth

Unable to make Friends, Not able to retain Friendships, Not wanting to make Friends, Problems due to Comparison, Wanting to be Alone, Always wanted to be with Friends or any Particular person, Problems with Classmates, Problems with Hostel mates, Low self Esteem.

Not able to retain friendships – There may be many reasons for this.
1) You are very choosy
2) You find faults in others very quickly
3) You may be leaning on people too much
4) You are not a listening type
5) You may be possessive
6) Not giving back anything
7) Try to control the other person
8) Being friends with people with a motive
8) Try and keep the attraction by distraction
9) Criticizing too much
10) Taking things for granted
11) Not at all appreciating.

Check and find out why you have not been able to retain friendships.
For further assistance to deal with problems like this, please free to contact the Counselor

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