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Procrastination  is really common in all ages and especially among students. Many people say, ‘ I really want  to do and even plan, but at the last moment something happens, the thing gets postponed’ There are many reasons for this really unsettling habit. Though we say that we have to do a particular job and will be benefitted by it, but we cannot do it at that particular time and postpone it. There are many reasons for this. We usually postpone things which demand more ability than we have, if we are not understanding fully, or overwhelmed about the task, if we have some aversion towards it, if we think that we may fail even if we try.

So what to do?

Check few things to start with: Do you really have to do that task or work? Are you doing the work not for yourself but trying to do because you have committed it to somebody and could not back off? Whether the task is boring? Are you up to it, in the sense will you be able to do it? Have you set yourself unrealistic goals and is tensed because of that? Did you plan well?

Whatever the case, first break the work in small segments and start doing one by one and do not think like, ‘ when I am going to finish, if I do like this? ‘ Do not think of the third segment which is more difficult while taking care of the first segment.

Please be aware of the fact that, ‘fear of failure’ is a major reason for procrastination.

Unless you really like the task or the work and really like or love the possible oputcome, the tendency to procrastinate will persist.

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